How Do I Get My Baby Sleep Through The Night

How to make baby sleep peacefully?

One of the most ask questions by moms is that how to make your baby  sleep peacefully through the night because it’s very hard to make a baby sleep for longer period of time so I thought I would just share with you my good experienced tips for getting your baby to sleep through the night as well.

I am going to start with the most important tips: always remember this EAT,AWAKE THEN SLEEP one of the most biggest mistakes moms do is that they directly make their baby sleep after eating and that makes baby sleep only for a while and baby feels uncomfortable and can’t sleep for a longer period of time.

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Grounds to make your baby sleep:

  1. Make Baby Learn the Difference between Day And Night

The no 1 reason is that baby makes all thoses bubbles and wiggles and fills their diaper because when they get out of their system the more longer they sleep and this goes specially for the last feeding of the night before their stretch beat the back of the baby nurse them lay them on a blanket or a comfortable place hold them play with them and play with them keep interacting with them as long as they cant take it anymore and after that curl them up and put them to sleep and trust me they will sleep much more longer and peacefully 

The best way to teach or train your baby especially your new born baby that day is day and night is night because when the baby is born they flipped between day and night they usually wake up all night and sleep during the day so after you feed the baby  at night don’t play with them or don’t turn on the lights put them right back  to sleep but during the day as you feed them  play with them, open the windows turn on the lights, play the music and try to make it noisy and loud so that baby can identify or spot the difference between day and night and then gradually in no time baby will learn the difference.

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  1. Scheduling your baby hours  

I recommend  wearing a watch when you have a baby because it gets easy to know the timings of your baby and to set a routine because sometimes you get out of the routine and the track you follow daily your baby should be eating every three hours and you need to look at the time you have been noted and give them full feeding no snack feeding given the full feeding and then if it hasn’t been three hours yet you can guess they are probably not hungry may be they are teething or whatever don’t always run to feed them because if you do so your baby will get a little fussy and it can totally get them out of their sleep schedule and can ruin their daily routine.

  • Try to start your day earlier 

  • Keep your timings on track

  • Keep lights low and dim

  • Try to make a cycle not an actual schedule

  1. Routine is the key

To make any cycle or to make yourself used to it the best thing is to make routine because routine is the key when getting your baby to become a good sleeper this goes for all the kids not just only for babies or the teenagers my routine with my baby is that we get them in a tub and let the baby play and enjoy themselves it is not necessarily to use soap or anything else just a Luke warm water and let baby enjoy their own space and let them splash the water  then clean them up nicely and gently after that give them a nice rubdown kind of baby massage with some lotion or oil and put on a clean diaper and some comfy clothes and make it a nice routine and then eventually their body will actually respond to this night time routine and it will start to make baby sleep and will get used to it gradually we can also get them used of reading story before they sleep or otherwise we can play a white music and before leaving their room we can say some sweet parting word like goodnight or I love you or a kiss on a forehead.

  • Make a routine 

  • Give your baby a warm bath

  • Massage them with oil or lotion

  • Play white music 

  • Tell them story

  • Say some parting words

  1. Make It Noisy 

The one of the best tips for new moms is that keep the house noisy because baby is used to hear different noises because when they are in the womb they hear different voices like mothers breathe and huge issue of blood passing by heart pumping so for them going from a noisy environment to a sudden quiet environment is a little uncomfortable so the noise in general will help the baby a good sleep and the baby will not wake up every time to hear something.

  • Try white noises

  • Don’t keep the room silent completely

  • Make general voices while baby is asleep

  • Play a soft light music

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  1. Make baby sleep naturally  

The no 1 tip for babies is to lay down the baby on bed when they are sleepy and awake at the same time because otherwise as baby gets older will get in a habit of sleeping in arms and that is a habit which is really hard to break so fold them up tight put in their bed all comfortable and warm.

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  • Give massage to baby until baby gets sleepy

  • Feeding is a better option (not until baby gets asleep but just until they get drowsy

  • Get the baby for a walk

  • Set a daily routine 

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