Everything You Must Know About Baby Sophie Giraffe

Baby Sophie Giraffe

If you are looking for some toy for a toddler that must be beneficial for him or her, you should take a look at baby Sophie giraffe. Sophie la girafe is one of the most sold items worldwide that gain popularity for many reasons. It was designed for the first time 60 years back and still not loses its popularity. It is estimated that every year around,  500,000 Sophie giraffes are sold only in America. 

Sophie la girafe is one of the top picks for essential baby items. Couples who just give birth to a baby make sure they have purchases of Sophie for their baby and the other necessary things. www.topbadythings.com

This article will answer all your health regarding and some general queries related to baby Sophie giraffe. You will find all your answers related to the Sophie girafe in this article.

Why Is Sophie The Giraffe Teether So Popular?

Baby Sophie Giraffe

Sophie, the giraffe, is one of the oldest baby giraffe toys having a history of 60 years and still yet popular amongst the babies and their parents. As it has made a remarkable history and stands out from the other baby toys, we have some reasons to disclose about its popularity; http://www.sophielagirafe.fr/en/

  1. Most Trusted Giraffe Baby Toy

As discussed earlier, Sophie la giraffe has been in the market for six years and is one of the most trustworthy children’s accessories. With other brands, where parents usually doubt their health concerns, they have weak immunity, but with the Sophie la giraffe teether, they have blind trust in this brand. 

  1. Natural Origin

Sophie la giraffe teether is made of 100% natural rubber that makes it different from the other teethers. Furthermore, the paint is also safe to consume and is the food-grade paint that does not upset your baby’s stomach.

  1. Stimulates All Senses

Baby Sophie giraffe is assumed to be the only teether that helps in stimulating all the five senses in infants. The brand claims that Sophie the giraffe teether enables your child to develop quick sensory learning through touch, smell, taste, see, and hearing its squeaking sound. 

  1. Soothes In Teething Pain

We all know how painful is teething process that made disturbs the routine of infants. At the same time, Sophie’s Sophie teether helps divert their attention and help relieve the gums pain.

  1. Easy To Grab

With its long neck and legs, it is so easy and convenient for infants to grab the Sophie giraffe from any side they want.

  1. Eco-Friendly

It is made with 100% natural material, so it does not produce any harmful effect on the environment upon its disposal.

How To Clean Sophie The Giraffe?

We all know how important it is to keep our children’s toys clean, especially when they habitually take everything inside their mouths. And when it comes to the teether, no parent wants to hand over a dirty teether to their infant that may cause infections. 

The best way to clean the baby Sophie giraffe is by wiping it with a damp soapy cloth. Do not submerge the Sophie teether in the water as the water entrapped through the squeaker that interferes with the squeaker’s functioning. Ideally, you should wipe the Sophie teether with warm soapy water more often to keep it clean and protect your child’s hygiene.

Is Sophie The Giraffe Safe?

Baby Sophie giraffe is made with 100% natural rubber painted with edible colors that make it safe to use. The rubber is highly flexible and has enough resistance to any wear and tear. 

The manufacturers of Sophie giraffe consider the quality parameter as their priority. It is one of the rarest toy manufacturing companies that complies with all the strict quality control regulations of Europe and worldwide. 

So, if you have any safety concerns regarding Sophie giraffe teether, you must be relaxed that it follows all the safety protocols and has been tested at various levels.

When Can I Give My Baby Sophie The Giraffe?

Everthing about sophie giraffe

The manufacturers of baby Sophie giraffe have claimed that you can give Sophie la girafe to your kid from the time of their birth. According to them, there is no restriction by the health officials to avoid Sophie teether in infants. But it has been observed that most children start developing interest in Sophie teether at three months. They start recognizing the objects and their senses grow, enabling them to enjoy the baby Sophie giraffe. 

One more interesting fact is that most children love baby Sophie giraffe so much that they do not throw it away any soon. After developing all the teeth, they use to play with it as a giraffe toy.

Can You Sterilize Sophie The Giraffe?

As discussed earlier, the manufacturers of Sophie giraffe do not recommend submerging it in the water. And, during the sterilizing procedure, you have to dip the object in the boiling water or the sterilizing solution. The only concern associated with submerging is water entrapment through holes that may cause molds in the Sophie teething toy. 

Can Baby Sleep With Sophie The Giraffe?

Sophie la girafe is made with 100% natural rubber and is safe to use by infants, so there is no danger for the baby to sleep with Sophie teether. 

Babies Allergic To Sophie The Giraffe

Sophie la girafe may cause severe allergies to the children who are allergic to latex as the Sophie teether is made of rubber which contains latex. Children who are allergic to latex may develop serious breathing problems, shock, low blood pressure. Usually, most medical devices and children’s toys are made of latex that sometimes even leads to anaphylactic reactions. 

Before purchasing Sophie teether or any other latex-made toy, you must consult the pediatrician to confirm the allergy. These allergic reactions are severe and need emergency treatment. Those children who have latex allergies should be avoided by giving latex-containing products.

Final Words

The children love Sophie giraffe; instead, it is the most trusted teether by the parents. Sophie giraffe has made its name in the toy industry by maintaining its legacy for 60 years. To date, Sophie teether passes all the necessary laboratory tests required for its consumption by the children.

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