Build A Baby Toy Box For Your Baby Nursery

Build A Baby Toy Box For Your Baby Nursery

Parenting is such a difficult task, especially if you are a parent for the first time; it drains all your energy, and couldn't manage time or meet your old friends. All your life revolves around your baby, taking care of his needs, nap, food, and entertaining him. No doubt it is a wonderful experience and gives you a lot of joy, but sometimes you just exhaust and want to get an escape. You want something that engages your child for some time so that you complete some of the pending tasks. www.topbadythings.comLetting your baby play with the toys is one of the easiest ways to complete your tasks. But the aftermath they create in the room is a different story. Here we come with an ideal solution that will make your parenting life much easier and let you have a peaceful day completing the tasks without worrying about organizing your child’s room. A baby toy box is a perfect accessory that I always put much emphasis on. You can't imagine how much it would make your life easier until you have it back at your home. 

This article will discuss details about the baby toy boxes and will guide you every step if you want to make it by yourself. 

What Should You Include In Your Baby Toy Box?

Your baby’s toy box must be a treasure box that he is always attracted to. You must include all the toys that you believe would help in his motor development and will allow him to spend constructive time playing with these toys. 

Here is a brief list of all the toys you must include in your baby’s toy box. 


Baby Toy Box Blocks

If you have babies, you must be better aware of how difficult it is to keep the blocks of your kid safe. Unlike the other toys that come in one or two toys, the blocks range from 10s to a hundred. So it becomes quite difficult to keep all of them safe from missing. Toy boxes can be very helpful in keeping the blocks where you just place all the blocks at one with some other toys. Blocks are essential toys that play a vital role in developing the touch and sight senses. Moreover, it also extends the motor and sensory skills in the child as it keeps the children engaged.


Build A Baby Toy Box For Your Baby Nursery

Balls are one of the most engaging toys for your toddler that keep them engaged. Also, it helps them develop hand-eye coordination and strengthens their ability to grasp and hold different objects.

Beads And Threading

Beads And Threading

Beads are a great tool to develop focus in your child. You can hand over a bowl of beads and threads to your child and ask them to put them in the string. This will occupy them for some time. Moreover, it is a great help to teach them colors and counting.


Build A Baby Toy Box For Your Baby Nursery

Playing with dough is an interesting yet exciting activity for your toddler, and even you may have equal fun with it. It is a great help in developing sensory skills in your child and teaches them how to focus, think on their own, implement ideas and allow them to experience a sense of achievement. 


vehicles are favorite toys

Vehicles are an all-time favorite, especially for baby boys that keep them engaged. Just like the blocks, you can have a set of multiple small cars for your kid and keep them safe in the toy box without fear of missing them somewhere in the house.

What Wood Should You Use To Make A Baby Toy Box?

create your best baby box

When you think of making a toy box for your baby yourself, you need to consider many things to get a perfect baby toy box. You can find a variety of toy boxes online and physical stores, and you can see that all of them have different bases used for them. One thing that you notice in all of these toy boxes is their strength and hardness. Whether it is made plastic toy box or a wooden one, they are not easily breakable and bear enough weight.

If you plan to make a wooden baby toy box, you must look for the best quality of wood. And when I say the quality of wood, it does not mean a soft, delicate wood will be of better quality. 

Pinewood is one of the softest wood that is not suitable for baby toy boxes. It gets scratches and dents easily, so it must not be a choice for you. Instead, hardwood should choose a toy box that could handle the stress and does not get easily damaged.

Oak and birch could be one of the woods that will stay longer for a long time. 

Step Wise Step Guide To Make A Toy Box For Your Baby

First glance at the baby toy box made you think it is pretty easy to make and does not involve any rocket. It isn't so easy, and you need to consider a few things and follow the proper instructions to make a  perfect toy box for your baby.

Before you dive into its construction, make sure you have selected the right type of wood straight and without any visual flaws. 

Firstly, make the frame of the toy box with the woods while considering the exact measurement and size you want of your toy box. 

Now build the faces of the toy box by fitting the slats vertically or horizontally.

After making the faces, add the slats to the bottom of the toy box, and to make it stronger, fix it with glue and screws so that it stays for a longer time.

The last step is the construction of the lid. You can make the lid as simple as the shape of the box, or you can also add some creativity to it.

Lastly, now fix the wheels to the box so that you can easily move it from one place to another without putting extra effort into it. 

Once you are done with the construction part, give it a final touch and ensure that all the screws and glue are in their place. You can also decorate it according to the room theme or paint some cartoon character that your child loves the most. 

Your baby’s toy box is something that keeps their room organized and saves a lot of your time in cleaning the mess. The toy box must be minimalistic, but it should be spacious enough to carry most of its toys. You can also use these toy boxes for decorative purposes in your toddler’s room.

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